Servo Tank Gauge 854 Xmitting Tank Gauge

854 XTG servo tank gauge is a high performance alternative to other tank level measurement technologies, such as radar tank level gauges.

It offers a gauging solution for a large variety of applications up to six bar pressure ratings. XTG servo gauges are TUV certified for Safety integrity level (SIL) 2 and SIL 3 rated safety-instrumented systems. They are suitable for deployment as an independent overfill prevention system conforming to API 2350 and other major safety recommendations.

Servo tank gauges are certified as per OIML R85 2008 and are fully compliant for custody transfer applications. XTG servo tank gauges are multi-function gauges that measures product level, interface level and density measurement. This ensures easy use of servo gauges in existing tank farms with limited opening on tank top.

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