Tank Gauging and Inventory Management System

All of the product information and inventory data of the tank are acquired and recorded in the system, which provides a clear view of the tankage data to avoid delivery losses to the customers.

Function List:
1.The system acquires the tank gauging data, such as the level, temperature, density, oil-water interface, and calculates the volume and weight of the product in tank, and real-time displays the information on the monitoring interfaces;
2.All of those data mentioned above can be inquired in the system;
3.Inventory data and those about product movements, such as loading volume, unloading volume, stock volume, for each tank, are available in the system;
4.Any errors, including leakage, inflammable gas exceeding limit, product level approaching HH or LL limit, whenever being detected, will be alarmed immediately in sounds and lights.

System Architecture

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