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About JOYO M&C

JOYO M&C is a high-tech company dedecated to developing and manufacturing measurement and control instruments and solutions for product storage and transfer. Based on 20 years of experience, JOYO M&C developed many products and solutions proven to be of high competence in terms of functions and performances. JOYO M&C was awarded ' SinopecTechnology Innovation Awards 2017' for its innovative TGS technologiesfor bulk liqid storage and custoday transfer. JOYO M&C will stick to is missions and provide higher values to his users worldwide with our expertise.


Automation Instruments and Solutions

BJLM-80H Tank Gauge

  • High precise and advanced tank gauging technology for bulk liquid storage and custody transfer;
  • Measuring level, temperature, density, water level, volume or mass in one instrument;
  • Easy for installation, wiring and commissioning
  • Low maintenance cost and long life cycle;
  • Perfect applicability for challenging situations an demanding existing tank facilities;

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