Tank High Accuracy Tank Servo Gauge

The Servo Tank Gauge is an intelligent tank gauge for high accuracy liquid level measurement employing the latest micro-technology. In addition to level measurement, the Servo Tank Gauge can determine the interfaces between three liquids, specific gravity of these liquids and tank bottom. To enable accurate volume calculation or simply for indication, the Servo Tank Gauge will accept an input from the 4532 or 4539 temperature device (via two core cables using HART® protocol) or a single spot temperature element (Pt 100).

Once installed, all calibration and operating functions can be made via the user friendly Matrix program and touch sensitive keypad. Tank side monitoring and operation can be performed by the 4560 Servo Gauge Monitor (SGM).

  • Measures liquid to an accuracy of +/- 0.7 mm
  • Measures two clear interface levels and specific gravity of up to three liquid phases
  • Profiling of liquid density throughout the tank (tank profile) and upper layer (I/F profile)
  • Wetted parts are completely separated from the electronic circuit
  • Tank top mounting with 3” flange weighing only 12 kg (aluminum version)
  • Wide range of output signals, including RS-485 (MODBUS), Mark Space and Enraf BPM protocol
  • Material and pressure rating of the wetted parts can be selected according to the application
  • Suitable for atmospheric and high pressure applications up to 363 psi (2500 kPa, 25 bar)
  • Maintenance prediction of the instrument
  • Direct connection of spot or average temperature probes
  • Built-in calibration window capabilities
  • FM, ATEX & CSA approved for use in hazardous areas
  • NMI approved for custody transfer applications
  • Proactive safety diagnostics output to display and system operators

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