JOYO M&C won Technology Innovation Prize awarded by SINOPEC 2017

It is an exiting news for us, JOYO M&C won Technology innovation prize for TM-80 tankage measurement system, which is developed by JOYO M&C for the tank terminal project branch of SINOPEC.

It is the top prize for tank measurement in China in terms of tankage measurement system. The R&D started 3 years ago, and continue to do field testing for about 2 years in the site of SINOPEC. It turned out to be very impressive for Sinopec for its high precision and good performance. It is an sample terminal site which distingushed by using smart solutions and device. It is the highest end of management of tank terminal in China.

The system contains servo tank gauge, with liquid level, density, temperature, interface, mass measurement integrated into one unit. It is the innovative design based on the traditional servo tank gauge, and it is greatly minimize the error source caused by communication between many devices such as servo tank gauge and muti-spot thermometer etc, and save the installation and commissioning complex due to its unique smart design and wireless Communion between floater and servo gauge.

We believe it will gain a lot of interest from customers and will benefit for the customers.

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