JOYO M&C to attend NEFTEGAZ 2018

The expo of Equipment and Technologies for Oil and Gas Industries is hold annually in Exhibition center in Moscow Russia.  It is the first time for JOYO M&C to attend NEFTEGAZ 2018 from 16th, April to 19th. Servo Tank Gauging, Terminal Automation is the promotion product on this expo.

Customers and oil companies, such as Lukoil, Russia Oil, shows great interest in our products, especially for the smart tankage measurement system. The meteorology experts team of Lukoil visited booth, made a very deep communication with our engineers in terms of product function, features and performance .

This BJML-80H tankgage measurement system/servo tank gauging is distinguished from the traditional Servo Tank Gauge, it is able to measure density and temperature by the smart floater  without using auxiliary device, by which error and inaccuracy source is greatly minimized, and  maintenance cost is reduced for customers.

We believe our product and solutions can make a big help and create valves for our customers.

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