Gas One Propane Tank Gauge for LPG Capacity Adapter

Monitor Your Fuel Level Made of brass, the tank gauge for LPG offers an easy way to keep an eye on your fuel tank. You don’t have to be concerned about whether or not your gas will cut off in the middle of grilling, as our tank gauge for LPG will make it readable for you. With 3 modes, you’ll be able to see if your gas is full, low, or in need if a refill.

Universal fitting connection: Gas Ones propane tank gauge for LPG has a universal fitting (QCC-1) made for standardized 5 lbs. to 20 lbs. propane gas tanks, an easy to install connection for the purpose of reading an accurate propane level.

Solid brass connection – built with a solid brass construction to ensure a sturdy and durable connection, with sufficient heat resistance.

Easy hassle-free connection – ready to use right out the box, just simply attach Gas Ones propane tank gauge for LPG on to your standard propane tank and its ready for use

Easy to read, colored indicator – Gas Ones propane tank gauge for LPG has a meter that reacts to the pressure of the propane tank, there are three-built-in indicator levels labeled refill, low gas, gas to ensure an easy and accurate reading.