Level Gauges & Level Indicators

We have designed level gauges, indicators and valves with utmost care for getting the maximum economy accuracy and durability. Your level indicators and level gauge should have the same strength as your vessel to withstand the high pressures to which it is subjected and the corrosive characteristics of the fluid.

Also, your valuable process fluid should never leak out through the glass fitting. In industries, you may have to measure the levels of colorless liquids, interface of immiscible fluids, liquids with sub-zero temperatures and liquids with too much foaming.

All these requirements can be met with by our latest types of tubular level gauges, flat glass level gauges and magnetic non-contact type level indicators. We manufactures following type of Level instruments:

1. Tubular Level Gauges

2. Heavy Duty Tubular Level Indicators

3. Reflex and Transparent Level Gauges

4. Boiler Level Gauges

5. Magnetic Level Indicators

6. Float & Cord Level Indicators

7. Dip Sticks & Dip Tape

8. Knob Type Level Indicator

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How many types of level gauges are there?

Several forms of level gauges exist in the industry. Depending upon the types of liquids such as water, oil, diesel etc. measured by level gauges, they can be classified into following categories:

Tank level gauges

These level sensing devices generally determine volume of liquid enclosed in the tank.

Fuel level gauges

These devices mainly provide fuel level readings in case of automobiles and other equipments consuming fuel.

Water level gauges

These level gauges are basically applied to determine the rise or fall occurring in water level.

Mechanical level gauges

This category of level gauges is mainly employed in underground storage tank applications for measuring the level of liquid.

Standard Magnetic Level Gauge

The control magnetic level gauge is designed so that the liquid being measured is enclosed within a sealed chamber. A stainless steel, titanium or plastic float fitted with a permanent omni-directional magnet moves freely inside the chamber and actuates the magnetic wafers contained within the indicator.

As the float rises and falls on the liquid level gauge each wafer rotates 180o and so presents a contrasting colour. Those wafers above the float show white, whilst those level gauge and below show red – the indicator then presents a clearly defined and accurate level gauge of the liquid in the chamber.

This simple technology provides a clear and very effective way to read your liquid level gauge within any process vessel.

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Sanitary Level Gauge Brochure

The sanitary level gauge offers a 360-degree view of the process fluid for liquid level verification, and process validation. Unique end fittings with integral 90 degree elbows, reduces process dead space, increases tank visual verification area, and eliminates the leak paths associated with secondary fittings.

Wetted surfaces are Type 316L Stainless Steel with an internal finish of 20 Ra/180 grit, borosilicate glass inner sight tube and gaskets per your specifications. The gaskets chosen will determine the temperature and pressure ratings of the unit and can be as high as 150psig.

The sight tube is manufactured from heavy wall borosilicate glass tubing, then tooled to a precision sanitary end configuration, similar to .75″ stainless steel sanitary fittings. The inner wetted borosilicate glass sight tube is then protected with an impact resistant full polycarbonate shield, which is held in place with delrin shield guides.

Vessel connections vary with application, however .75″ sanitary tri-clamp ends are standard and center to center lengths are per your specification. Pressure ratings are up to 150 psig – full vacuum, temperature ratings are up to 350 F. Others specifications are available, please consult the factory.

Options for the sanitary level gauge include materials of constructions, SS, Alloys and plastic, connection configurations, lengths, shielding and gaskets.

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Bypass Level Gauge

The bypass level gauge is one of the simplest and most robust method to liquid level monitoring.

Bypass level gauges are one of the simplest and most robust means of liquid level monitoring. A chamber is mounted on the side of a tank or container by two process connections. This direct connection ensures that the level in the chamber corresponds precisely to the level of the liquid in the tank or container.

Inside the bypass chamber there is a cylindrical float with built-in permanent magnets, where the concentrated magnetic field produced travels through the chamber wall to an external indicator. Along with the magnetic roller indicator, the Bypass Level Gauges can also be equipped with magnetic switches and level transmitters (magnetostrictive or reed type).

Advantages are a simple, robust, and rugged design, no direct contact with aggressive fluids by sensitive measurement and indicating instruments, and guaranteed operation of the magnetic roller indicator without requiring an auxiliary power source, even in the event of power failures. These gauges are applicable throughout industry thanks to the use of a range of corrosion-proof materials. Designs are available for pressure ranges from vacuum up to 400 bar, temperature ranges from 167°C to +400°C, and densities of 350 kg/m3.

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Transparent level gauge with illuminator

These types of level gauges are designed with a t-shape and are designed to handle a wide range of temperature and pressure from the system. The transparent level gauge with illuminator can be used to make observation of the level of corrosion inside the system and the level of liquids. In special conditions, the illuminator is used to improve visibility so as to get accurate readings. The transparent glass is resistant to high pressure and other aggressive media.

Why you should get the transparent level gauge with illuminator

Here we intricately design our products to ensure that they are of high quality and durable. We fit our level gauges with mica shields on the glass part to help it withstand all sorts of pressure. Moreover, we carefully select the materials to be used to ensure that our products are of superior quality in the industry. Even better, we ensure that we collaborate with our customers to produce products that are according to their needs. Don’t look any further, make your way to our warehouse and get the best level gauges.

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