Glass Level Gauge

The main element of the glass level gauge is the gauge body. Incorporated into this level gauge body are the liquid channel (if necessary the heating channel) and the seating faces for the chambered seals and sight glasses.

Onto the level gauge body are mounted, or are already integrated, the valve heads and process connections. Drain or vent are also possible.

The glasses and/or mica shields as well as the seals are fitted, secured and sealed with the aid of U-bolts and covers or pressure frames. Glasses from borosilicate glass in accordance with DIN 7081 are used.

For steam, the glasses can be used up to 243 °C, with mica design to 300 °C. For other media, temperatures up to 300 °C are possible, in special cases up to 374 °C. The use of mica is needed for specific applications.

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Sight Glass vs. Magnetic Level Gauge

Local level gauge is an important measurement for many process control applications. It provides a reliable way to confirm the level gauge height. It allows a way to check and calibrate level transmitters. It can be used to temporarily and manually control the liquid level gauge when the normal control systems are down. And it offers a redundant technology to measure level gauge.

Two technologies typically used for local indication are armored sight glass and magnetic level gauge.

Armored sight glass usually consists of two armored castings that sandwich a piece of glass, allowing direct visibility of the liquid level gauge. A magnetic level gauge is typically made up of a float containing a magnet that follows the liquid level gauge inside of a chamber. The position of the float inside the chamber is indicated outside by dual-colored flappers embedded with magnets. As the magnet inside the float interacts with the magnets on the flapper outside of the chamber, the flapper turns and changes color to indicate level gauge.

When deciding which technology to use, it is important to look at the long-term cost of ownership rather than just the upfront cost of the unit. Sight glass technology typically has a lower upfront cost than an MLI; however, an MLI has many benefits during installation and normal operations that result in a lower total cost of ownership in the long run.

The four key ways — enhanced safety, maintenance, increased visibility and simplified installation — in which an MLI will actually reduce overall cost over time and improve functionality are discussed in this article. We will also go through an example of comparing the total cost of ownership of a sight glass to that of an MLI over a five-year period. A lot of these values are estimates and will vary greatly on changing applications and from plant to plant. In this example, we will use a 3’ indication length and assume our initial upfront cost of the sight glass is $450 while our MLI has a starting cost of $2,200.

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Effective Servo Tank Gauge

Intelligent servo tank gauge is a combination of site conditions of the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries, developed with independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of intelligent level measurement instruments. Because of this instrument in the measurement method and the traditional methods of measurement makes it totally different from the measurement accuracy is the world’s all level measurement instrument can not be compared. Intelligent servo tank gauge can be installed through the top of the tank meets the requirements of a single or multiple measurements. The servo tank gauge with my plant tank intelligent management system supporting the use of tanks in the region can be for all tank level, temperature, pressure and other centralized measurement, control, display and print reports, and according to the above the implementation of automated metering tank parameters and data upload, thus truly a “convenience”, “intuitive.” Modernized tank farm of intelligent management.

Scope: versatile measurement and standard output signals as well as the integration of lightweight design makes Intelligent servo tank gauge can be widely used in various areas to be measured.

Chemical industry: in the field of chemical industry, a variety of anti-corrosion material shell of arbitrary choice, to meet the chemical industry in different media level, interface and other measurement requirements.

Food industry: in the beverage industry, a large number of liquid products throughout the production process, an accurate measurement of the liquid level is directly related to the cost of production control and production management.

Power industry: fuel, accurate measurement of oil and large boiler water level is directly related to the production of safe and accurate management.

How it works:

Servo tank gauge measurement is based on the principle of buoyancy balance and design. Fixed within the magnet wheel motor drive with precision-machined drum (ie outside the magnet wheel) to complete the magnetic coupling between. So that the drum and the drive motor is formed synchronously rotated, the meter housing is completely isolated from the magnet between the inner wheel and the drum (outer magnet wheel), so that the measured liquid chamber and the electrical part is completely isolated and meet proof requirements, uniform measurement wire neatly arranged on the drum. The float was sent to the tank by measuring the wire. When the tank level (interface or specific gravity) changes due to the weight of the float level varies with changes, changes in the weight of the float makes the drum (outer magnet wheel) is formed between the inner magnet wheel and coupling poor. After the signal is sent to the microprocessor to calculate judge to issue control instructions to the servo motor, making the tank with the liquid level of the float always changes.

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The Requirements of Full Containment Storage Tank gauge for LPG LNG – Long Term Storage

Full containment tank gauge for LPG LNG are large and complex structures with a typical capacity of up to 200,000 m3.

They include an inner liquid containment steel tank gauge for LPG LNG, an outer concrete (or steel) tank for secondary containment control, and thermal insulation between the two to minimize liquid boil-off.

The planning, design, and construction of such technically advanced tank gauge for LPG LNG requires significant investment, and payback times can be lengthy. For this reason, tank gauge for LPG LNG farm operators need to implement accurate and reliable tank gauging systems that will help to minimize operating and maintenance costs, thereby enabling a quicker return on investment.

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Tank Terminal Automation System

Tank terminal automation systems find applications primarily in Trucks /Wagon fuel loading. Fuels include Motor Spirit (MS), Diesel, Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF), Naphtha, Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO), Furnace Oil, (Diesel High Pour Point) DHPP, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Chemicals.

The Flowmeters used are generally PD Meters or Coriolis Mass Flowmeters. The Batch Controllers supplied conform to OIML R117 capable of simultaneous Additive Injection and Ethanol Blending with Ratio Control and Our AMC includes hassle-free service at all times leading to enhanced performance and higher productivity.

Tank Farm Management with Primary Secondary Radar gauges and overspill relay are SIL2, approved withsoftware integrated to tank terminal automation system.

Security Surveillance

We deliver solutions for security surveillance, CCTV, Access Control systems for public utilities, oil depots and terminals.

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Visual Level Indicators & Tank Level Gauges

Visual level indicators and tank level gauges are ideal for continuous indication of liquid level in storage tanks and vessels where visual indication at the tank is required.

Level gauge represent the trusted, durable, more versatile and safer alternative to sight glasses and feature stainless steel, alloy or engineered plastic housings.

Visual level gauge mount externally to the top or sides of tanks and provide easy-to-read continuous level gauging (the LED SureSite can even provide continuous level indication dark environments).

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Quality Liquid Level Gauges

We specialize in the development and engineering magnetic level indicators, liquid level gauges and valve product lines. We also manufacture, steam level indicators, and liquid level gauge accessories.


Our extensive Steam-Trac product line was designed specifically for several models of water level/steam level gauges with pressure from 300 PSI working steam pressure to 3000 PSI working steam pressure.


Glass-Trac Gauges, formally Daniel Level Gauge & Valve, are available in three main types: Reflex, Transparent, & Tubular. These direct reading instruments are available in many different materials to meet your specific process conditions.

Steam Valves

Steam valves are designed specifically for use with water level gauges in steam/water service. The angled flow path compactly eases installation of the level gauge, bringing the assembly connection point to the side. Each model is designed to prevent steam galling and maximize packing life to extend the longevity of the valve.

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Fluid Monitoring Equipment – Tank Gauge Systems

We are dedicated to designing and sourcing innovative products to increase the safety of workplaces through the effective storage and transport of hazardous liquids.

We only select superior products that align with international standards for operation, and our continued support for innovation. We supply an extensive range of fluid monitoring products, including state of the art automatic tank gauge systems. These products are important to have on site as they effectively monitor your stock levels assisting in scheduling deliveries.

With a wide range of products covering a variety of applications, we’re sure you will be able to find the right one for your application, and that you will be satisfied with the results. We sell our products at a highly competitive price, simply request a quote on a particular product and we will get back to you in no time.

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Maximum Level Gauges

The maximum level guge is a cost-effective measuring device that indicates the maximum water level gauge by tidal waves or other level fluctuations over a color marking. It is based on the simple principle of color marking. The threshold level gauge is used for preservation of evidence and provides accurate data for later post-processing of flood events.

Rugged cylinders made of Plexiglas and a fiberglass reinforced plastic measuring rod with easy to read E-scale in cm graduation.

Self-adhesive, transparent ribbon to display the highest water level gauge. To change the ribbon, you need to solve only one single screw.

Simple operation: water thaz rises in the cylinder, completely washes out the color to the respective water level gauge.

Clear result: A sharp dividing line between colored and colorless area enables accurate reading of the maximum water level gauge.

Unaffected by waves and debris: The straining device acts as filter for coarse dirt and acts as a damping device preventing influence by wash of waves in the measuring cylinder.

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What is automatic tank gauging system?

ATGs is short for automatic tank gauging systems, which can accurately monitor your tank in real time.

Tank gauging system is widely used at petrol station, mobile fueling site(portable fueling device) and oil depot, this automatic tank gauge system also can be used at chemical factory, pharmacy industry and waste water tanks; Suitable for underground and above ground storage tanks.

With the powerful and safe auto tank gauging system, you can take complete control of fuel management. Whatever and wherever you want of product level, water level, five-point temperature, inventory, delivery and sales information, fuel tank gauge system will always here to help you easily reach the target.

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