Display systems of servo tank gauge

It is essential to simplify and optimise operations of a servo tank gauge farm to improve performance. It is crucial to monitor and supervise different process parameters, such as temperature and servo tank gauge pressure. Displays and Indicators provide a clear view in different formats to help keep a close watch on servo tank gauge status.

Displays and Indicators include various displays and operator panels for static servo tank gauge quantity assessment, enabling access to servo tank gauge data at all times from any place and in various formats. These displays include:

  • The 877 Field Display and Interface Unit (FDI) provides servo tank gauge inventory information in the field and ensures reliable and uninterrupted data supply. It can also double as a Hydrostatic Tank Gauge (HTG) and field data concentrator to measure product temperature, ambient temperature or other variables.
  • The Panel Indicator’s (CPI), designed for use in control room panels, offers a user-friendly operation and brings ease of use and flexibility to the operator.
  • SmartView is easy to configure, provides precise servo tank gauge inventory measurement and is ideal for use in hazardous environments. It is designed to use with the Flexline SmartRadar.
  • Tank Side Indicators (TSI) are digital display units that provide a convenient, safe and time-saving way to read gauging data at ground level.

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