Tank Gauging System Integrated with Smart Wireless Technology

Tank farm automation is now easier, faster and less costly with the integration tank gauging systems and Smart Wireless technology. System installation costs can be reduced up to 50 per cent by wirelessly connecting the tank farm to the control room, with the added benefit of reducing implementation time by as much as 60 per cent. The savings free up budget for expanded automation of tank farms.

The tank gauging system with Smart Wireless technology, features a complete line of tank gauging components, including high precision radar gauges that use self-configuring, 2-wire, high speed FOUNDATION fieldbus technology. The combined communications technologies enable use of a wide range of standardised equipment. The resulting tank gauging system forms a network of digital intelligence that improves inventory management, loss control, overfill avoidance, and maintenance efficiency throughout the plant.

Many tank storage facilities that could benefit from modern, non-contact gauging currently use obsolete signal wiring, or are not connected from the tank storage area. Retrofitting an obsolete gauging system is expensive and time consuming because the distance between storage tanks and the control room can be more than one kilometre, requiring extensive trenching and cabling.

As a result of budget restrictions, some plants continue to experience maintenance problems caused by communications limitations and low performing mechanical tank gauges and instruments. Now, with Smart Wireless technology, a new radar-based tank gauging system can be installed without new long distance signal wiring. This will radically reduce material and labour costs, as well as engineering and project execution time.

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How Tank Gauging System Works

The Tank Gauging System monitors inventory, so you know the exact amount of stored products. The tank gauging system measures precise batches and custody transfers between ship and shore as well as in pipeline transmissions. Use the tank gauging system for everyday operations, oil movement, scheduling purposes and blending programs. Keep accurate track of leaks and prevent overfills to reduce environmental impact and the financial consequences of oil losses.

Reduce uncertainty in oil inventory and transfers:
• Receive real-time tank data for accurate net volume calculations.
• Get certified custody transfer accuracy.
• Utilize tank capacity efficiently.
Improve safety:
• Comply with overfill prevention standards such as API 2350.
• Use SIL 2 and SIL 3 certified devices.
Simplify installation and terminal operations:
• Benefit from unique 2-in-1 technology.
• Simplify automation and expansion with Smart Wireless.
• Use gauge emulation to replace old mechanical gauges.

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