Automatic Tank Gauge Installation & Certification

Having the right automatic leak detection system in place to protect your site is a combination of selecting the appropriate equipment, utilizing skilled installation personnel, and knowing the proper operation and application of your equipment.

Utilizing an automatic tank gauge is one way to provide improved environmental risk reduction while providing insight into fuel tank inventories.

You can also depend on us to be there after installation to certify that your gauge continues to operate according to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

Risk Reduction

While using an automatic tank gauge can help reduce environmental risk, it can also provide valuable insight into fuel tank inventories, allowing for better management of fuel delivery. But in order for an automatic tank gauge to provide trouble-free operation, it must be installed correctly. As one of the nation’s largest installers of automatic tank gauges, we have the skill and expertise to install tank gauges at one site or a thousand. Our highly skilled installation crews are manufacturer-certified on a variety of gauging equipment to ensure correct installation the first time.

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Introduction of Liquid Level Gauges

Our liquid level gauges have the distinction of being the safest in the industry. An experienced plant operator is familiar with the direct relationship between the ease of resealing a leaky level gauge and enhanced safety in the handling of flammable, corrosive, or otherwise hazardous materials.

Our complete line of liquid level gauges feature our unique peripheral sealing scheme, which decouples sealing stresses from the process pressure. This enables our level gauges to meet higher temperature and pressure requirements than competing designs. As a result, our level gauges are more forgiving of imperfect screw torqueing by operators, and permit rapid resealing of leaks without gasket replacements.

For less demanding applications, tubular level gauges are versatile and economical alternatives.

Tank Gauge System Solution

Automatic tank gauge system are mainly used in underground oil tanks of petrol station, this system consists of console and KunLun magnetostrictive probe.

Magnetostrictive probe is installed in oil tanks, real time measuring oil liquid level, volume, water level and temperature inside tanks, at the same time transmit all the datas to console which install in office wall in real time.

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TC Tank Level Gauge

The TC tank level gauge provides accurate level measurement of liquid contents within any form of containment tank.

Level gauge’s integral sensor converts hydrostatic head pressure, thereby allowing continuous readings.

The rugged 316 stainless steel construction proves ideal for use with oil, water and other compatible chemicals.

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