Magnetic level gauges are used to detect and monitor

They operate on the principle of communicating vessels, which refers to separate containers that are connected via extrusion outlets to allow low- or high-density fluids of either homogenous or heterogenous consistencies to flow between the vessels.

The chamber, or auxiliary column, of the magnetic level gauge is equipped with a float containing a set of permanent magnets. Fluctuations in the fluid of the primary chamber will result in commensurate changes within the magnetic level gauge. The magnetic float rises and falls on the surface of the fluid, registering these changes on the external measurement indicator. This indicator is typically constructed using a magnetized shuttle that moves in conjunction with the interior magnets.

This technique is advantageous as it does not require restrictive mechanical guide rails and instead relies on the limited lateral motion of the float within the column of the magnetic level gauge. It is also suitable for fluid mixtures of varying densities, with variable float designs and materials suitable for the specific gravity of numerous measured fluids, including acids, butane, oils, water, and heterogenous fluid interfaces.

Magnetic level gauges are increasingly preferable to alternative level measurement systems owing to their improved thermodynamic resistances over apparatuses such as sight gauges. They can withstand high process temperatures and are optimized for high pressure applications. Unique process demands can also be met using bespoke magnetic level gauges with oversized columns and floats with improved buoyant characteristics.

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The Benefits of Installing an Automatic Tank Gauge System

Automatic tank gauge systems, or automatic tank gauge’s are excellent additions to your fleet’s maintenance program. An ATG is an electronic component placed within an above or below ground tank that monitors fuel or lubricant volume over time to assess whether the tank is leaking fluid.

The automatic tank gauge is a mechanically operated, float & tape instrument designed to provide continuous liquid level measurement in bulk storage applications. This simple and reliable instrument has been used for managing inventory in the oil and gas industry for the past 90 years.

Automatic tank gauge and environmental solutions. Complete, and Completely Flexible. We deliver a complete, integrated automatic tank gauge and forecourt solution that’s also completely flexible. It offers a variety of hardware and software options that can be included from the start, or retrofitted remotely to meet changing needs.

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Liquid Level Gauges (Armored and Tubular)

We offer a complete line of liquid level gauges. For high pressure and outdoor use, we offer the industry standard armored level gauges with our unique peripheral sealing scheme. As in other applications, peripheral sealing decouples sealing stresses from the process pressure, enabling our level gauges to meet higher temperature and pressure requirements than can be met by other designs.

Furthermore, this sealing scheme makes level gauges more forgiving of imperfect screw torqueing by operators, and permits rapid resealing of leaks without wholesale gasket replacements. As experienced plant operators know, the ease of resealing a leaky level gauge immediately contributes to enhanced safety in the handling of flammable, corrosive, or otherwise hazardous materials. This ‘soft sealing’ design also allows us to use quartz windows instead of standard tempered borosilicate, which allows our units to be configured for very high temperatures. Our armored level gages can easily satisfy fire-proof requirements (1200F/650C for 30 minutes or longer without leakage).

Combining industry-leading temperature and pressure ratings, easy resealing, and a rugged assembly that resists wear and deterioration, liquid level gauges are the safest such units in the industry. For less rigorous applications, tubular level gauges are versatile and economical alternatives.

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The superior magnetic level gauge

The process level gauge is a proven method to measure liquid levels. The level gauge is one of the safest and most economical ways to measure and control your level requirements.

It can be installed on almost any shape, size or type of vessel in the industry. In applications of extreme pressure, temperature, vibration and highly corrosive or hazardous material the level gauge will perform where others fail.

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Automatic tank gauge to grow your business

The automatic tank gauge provide comprehensive fuel site data for advanced fuel asset management.

Combining industry leading algorithms with enhanced security, real-time notification, and anywhere, anytime access, the automatic tank gauge keeps your site running and profitable.

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