Types of Level Gauge

Types of Level Gauge:

Level measurement gauge are of seven types. Each type of transmitter works in a different way, and makes it useful for different types of processes.

  • Capacitance Level Gauge

    These gauge use liquid stored in a tank or container as a dielectric medium between two or more electrodes. The energy capacity of the capacitor circuit increases when there is more liquid, and decreases if there is less liquid. By measuring the variations in the capacitance value, capacitance level gauge can calculate the current fill level of the tank or container.

  • Hydrostatic Level Gauge

    Also known as pressure level gauge, these gauge help in determining fluid contents of a container by measuring the pressure of resting body of the fluid within it. The greater the force of liquid, the greater the volume of fluid.

  • Magnetic Level Gauge

    These gauge use a magnetic object, which is suspended in a buoyant float. This is usually in a narrow auxiliary column, to restrict lateral movements of the float. While the float is on top of the liquid, the movement of the float is measured by a different magnetic device. This allows a precise and stable fill level to be transmitted. This method is suitable for continuous measurement owing to the tendency of the float to rise or sink based on the liquid level.

  • Radar Fill Level Gauge

    These gauge work on the principle of a radar by using radio wave emissions. These gauge are normally mounted at the top of a tank filled with a liquid. The transmitter sends a radar signal into the liquid, and receives a reflection of the signal. The gauge then analyze the current fill level of the tank based on the time taken by the transmitted signal to return.

  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

    In this type of transmitter, an ultrasonic transducer is mounted at, or near the top of a container containing liquid. The transducer sends out an ultrasonic pulse. The pulse hits the surface of the liquid, and gets reflected. The sensor then calculates the fill level based on the time between the transmitted and received signal.

  • Guided Microwave Level Gauge

    These gauge work by sending a microwave pulse through a sensor cable or rod. The signal hits the surface of the liquid, and travels back to the sensor, and then to the transmitter housing. The electronics integrated in the transmitter housing determine the filling level based on the time taken by the signal to travel down the sensor and back up again. These types of level gauge are used in industrial applications in all areas of process technology.

  • Liquid Level Gauge

    These gauge are engineered for detecting levels of liquids. Liquid level gauge are also used for detecting interfaces between two different liquids such as oil and water. Liquid level gauge are mainly used for liquid-level sensing in storage tanks, transport tanks, as well as water storage tanks. These pressure gauge measure the level by measuring the head pressure of liquid.

Alarm Management Automatic Tank Gauge Solutions

Some Automatic Tank Gauges have a false alarm rate of more than 80%, requiring no action at site. Chasing false alarms means overspending on ATG-related maintenance or ignoring important alarms which can threaten site compliance.

Our Alarm Management Automatic Tank Gauges Solution is a cloud-based software platform featuring smart alarms and automated workflows to filter out nuisance alarms and prioritize critical alarms for your compliance team, maintenance provider or fuel carrier.

The solution can reduce Automatic Tank Gauge alarm-related costs by up to 50% by remotely resolving 80% of alarms, reducing maintenance dispatches and escalating high priority alarms such as sudden loss, leak or high water alarms for action and resolution.

Access live and historical reports 24/7 on inventory, alarms and Automatic Tank Gauge delivery data via online dashboards. Get a snapshot across your network, drill down into individual sites or check your stock levels by production and location.

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Common Tank Gauge System Technologies

The tank gauge system offers the stability, security and simplicity your site needs to propel your business into the future. Our tank gauge systems automate your fuel reconciliation and compliance reporting so that you have access to critical fuel site data at all times.

The tank gauge system are affordable wet stock management solutions that deliver accurate and crucial information. The tank gauge system are a great way for retail, aviation, or bulk fueling customers who may be using manual inventory management and reconciliation methods to begin taking advantage of automated reporting.

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Definition of Level Gauge

Level gauges are devices used in the measurement of level of fluids at various industrial applications. These devices are used to determine the level of liquid in tanks, drums. pressure vessels etc..

There are many level gauge to suit the needs of different applications. Normally, fluids are used in many forms in highly commercial industries. Without proper devices it will be very difficult to find the quantity and level of fluid stored. Also, in certain situations where the nature of fluid is dangerous or the place in which the liquid is stored is of such a nature that it is manually impossible to find the level, then the level gauge are of utmost importance.

Depending on the type of application used, the type of level indicator should be selected. For example, in the process industry, tubular level gauges are used for better visual liquid level indication. If it is for non-contact type level measurement, then radar type indicators or ultrasonic type indicators are to be used.

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Float and Tape Tank gauge LTD

These instruments have been the liquid level measurement technique of the petroleum tank gauging market for over 90 years due to their simplicity, reliability and cost.

Float and tape tank gauge LTD solution consists of a 2500 ATG selected for the appropriate tank type. The instrument provides a measurement to +/- 4 mm accuracy and tank side display that is suitable for inventory management to API specifications. If control room integration and volumetric calculations are required, a 2920 FTT tank gauge LTD transmitter is recommended with a 8500 STS for spot temperature measurement.

The selection of the transmitter often depends on the required or existing field communications and protocols. The 2500 ATG/2920 FTTcombination is ATEX approved and is also able to provide optional contact outputs for triggering alarms or relays. If only an analog (4…20 mA) level output is required (without temperature) the 8200 COT can be used.

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Welcome Tank Gauge for LPG LNG

The option for external fluid tank gauge for LPG LNG and automation.

Tank gauge for LPG LNG prides itself in excellent service and extremely fast turnaround. With tank gauge for LPG LNG, you not only get a gauging system, you also get our full range of support and service.

All of the tank gauge for LPG LNG products assembled using advanced quality control systems. Let us be the last gauging system you will ever need.

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Magnetic level gauge

With the highest-visibility indicators available, Magnetic Level Gauges are a safe, economical way to measure and control liquid levels in any application. They are suitable for high temperature and/or pressure, full vacuum, low-specific gravity liquids, and more. Magnetic level gauges can be used with vessels of almost any size and shape and with any process fluid.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of contents measurement and level control equipment for liquid storage tanks and vessels. Our designs are robust and reliable, offering a dependable solution to suit our customer’s requirements. Our main product ranges include float operated tank contents level gauges for both static and mobile applications.

These are of a modular design and can be configured to suit a wide variety of duties. All level gauges are fitted with a magnetic coupling, ensuring fluid cannot pass through the level gauge body. Options with integral level switches or remote signal transmission are available, computer generated dials and calibrated displays are all standard.

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How does the servo gauge works?

The servo gauge system uses the small displacer. The displacer has buoyancy, but on the liquid it does not float. The displacer must be held on top of the tank by a thin wire linked to the servo gauge.

A servo weighing system senses the tension in the wire, signals from the weighing mechanism control an electrical motor in the servo unit and the displacer follows the liquid level movements.

An electronic transmitter sends the field bus level data to the control room reader. A still pipe is needed wherever a servo gauge is installed to prevent the displacer from drifting in the tank. In fixed roof tanks, this is also required.

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A streamlined Automatic Tank Gauge platform with a multitude of flexible options

All of the options you need, and none of the complexity you don’t: That’s what the Wayne Automatic Tank Gauge delivers. The Automatic Tank Gauge platform requires no Automatic Tank Gauge specific console, minimizing the basic number of components required and lowering the initial system investment.

The base system offers:

  • High-performance, highly accurate digital magnetostrictive probe.
  • Safe liquid-level monitoring and leak detection.
  • Compact (220 x 271 x 132 mm), modularly designed Interface Box (IB).
  • Extensive standard capabilities for alarms, with administrator abilities to personalize and set alarm levels, response times and notification policies.
  • Broad range of standard preset reports on key areas such as compliance, trends, inventory, deliveries, leakages, reconciliation, periodic report, sales, variances and alarms.

The RV Propane Tank Gauge System

A recreational vehicle is a serious investment. It costs a huge amount of money, so it is just right that you take care of it. In our RV, we have different appliances and equipment including a propane tank gauge system.

While it is a valuable addition to our vehicle, it can also be dangerous if not monitored for leaks and other issues. For this reason, we must have an RV propane tank gauge system that will help us on it.

This product will help us detect any issues or any possible ones before they could cause trouble to our vehicle and loved ones. It is a good choice for its solid features that match the performance requirements of most camper owners.

This item is easy to attach. You don’t have to worry about setting it up to work. Plus, you don’t need tools to complete the installation.

In addition, this item is versatile that it can be used for most models and brands with a type 1 and QCC1 connection. They will also fit a tank gauge system of up to 40 pounds.

I would like to recommend this propane tank gauge system because it is also made form high quality and heavy-duty materials. Choosing it, you can rest assured of an airtight connection with the tank gauge system.

It can also be worked with regulators with a hose, tank gauge system cylinders and propane adapter.

This product is also versatile. It can work great for using with a camp stove, smoker, heater, gas grill or tabletop grill, to name some. With such versatility, you can expect more out of your spending.

With the DOZYANT propane tank gauge system, you can have peace of mind that you won’t run out of propane again in the middle of cooking. You can also rest assured that you don’t need to run trips to the refilling store when there’s still gas remaining.

These are only some of the features to check when buying this product. Be sure to check on these for convenience features.

Finally, it can provide better security because it is made from quality materials that remain on top condition and offer an airtight connection.

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