Pro Servo Tank Gauge

It is a servo tank gauge that offers optional temperature monitoring. It comes equipped with a 4-20mA transmitter including built in transient protection and electrical noise filtering.

It offers output that is not hampered by agitation, vapor, sludge, foam, product build-up, internal tank structure or floating debris.

This servo tank gauge contains no moving parts, making it suitable for gauging level in municipal water, wastewater, sewage and slurries. It is also suitable for tanks, wells, ponds, rivers, and lift stations.

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Servo tank gauge measurement

Continuous liquid level measurement in custody transfer and inventory control applications

Servo tank gauge instruments offer high precision measurement for liquid level, interface and density applications. The devices fulfill the exact demands of tank inventory management and loss control and are optimized in regards of total cost saving and safe operation. Check out the broad range of Proservo devices for servo take gauge applications and click on the button below.

Servo tank gauge devices as tank gauging instruments are used for custody transfer and inventory control applications with NMi- and PTB-approvals and meet the requirements according to OIML R85 and API 3.1B. Proservo is especially suited for high accuracy custody transfer measurement in crude oil, gasoline, diesel, petrochemicals and chemicals.

Servo tank gauge measurement: Measuring Principle

A small displacer is accurately positioned in a liquid medium using a servo motor. The displacer is then suspended on a measuring wire which is wound onto a finely grooved drum housing. When the displacer is lowered and touches a liquid, the weight of the displacer is reduced by liquid buoyancy force. As a result, torque in the magnetic coupling changes, which is measured by 5 sets of Hall sensors.

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