MT High Accuracy Servo Tank Gauge

Custody Tansfer servo tank gauge with Water and Profiling option and inputs for Temperature Measurement

The servo tank gauge is a high accuracy gauge designed for use in custody transfer tank gauging applications. Our servo tank gauge exceeds the requirements of UK weights and measures standards for tank gauges.

Our servo tank gauge is a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank gauge, the servo tank gauge has been designed for ease of installation with minimal moving parts.

The servo tank gauge is designed to measure all kinds of liquid and can be situated either in free space or stillwells. The Servo can easily be linked to our tank gauging system or to an existing tank monitoring system.

The Gauge include the options to link the gauge to feature like temperature measurement (spot and average temperature are available) temerature profiling, full integration to management system, density measurement and much more.

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Servo tank gauge instrument

The intelligent servo tank gauge is designed for high accuracy liquid level measurement in custody transfer and inventory control applications. It fulfills the exact demands of servo tank gauge inventory management and loss control and is optimized in regards of total cost saving and safe operation.


  • Measures two clear interface levels and specific gravity of up to three liquid phases
  • Profiling of Iiquid density throughout the servo tank gauge and upper layer (I/F profile)
  • SIL2 certified alarm output (min., max. and range)
  • Wetted parts are completely separated from the electronic circuit
  • Servo tank gauge top mounting with 3″ flange weighing only 12kg (aluminum version)
  • Wide range of output signals including V1, RS 485 Modbus, WM550, M/S, Enraf BPM and HART protocol
  • Suitable for atmospheric and high pressure applications up to 25bar

Field of application: For measurement of: Oil (crude, light, fuel, edible), LPG/LNG, petrochemicals, chemicals, water /chemical interface measurement, foods, liquid food.