Advantages in the use of level gauge

1. Continuous and accurate measurement: Because the radar level gauge is not in contact with the measured medium, and it is very little affected by temperature, pressure, gas, etc.

2. Convenient maintenance and simple operation: The radar level gauge has fault alarm and self-diagnosis functions.

3. Wide application range: non-contact measurement, good directivity, low transmission loss, and more measurable media.

4. Simple installation: In various industry applications, the radar level gauge can be directly installed on the top of the storage tank. The advantages of simple installation and other advantages have become the first choice for the general public. Next, let’s talk about the problems often encountered in the process of use.

Tank Terminal Automation Solution Overview

A complete tank terminal automation solution helps lower the cost of ownership while improving the efficiency and performance of terminal operations.

Our solution includes Inventory Management, SCADA, accounting and Load Rack tank terminal automation applications that integrate with tank gauges, operator interfaces and communication devices to provide tank terminal automation, control and management for fuel and other bulk liquids.

Automatic Tank Gauge – Reduced Loss and Instant Tracking

Accuracy – Accurate up to .1″. Sensors have a 2-year warranty, and can be easily replaced or recalibrated.

Reliability – Automatic tank gauge to eliminate human error.

Fast – The level information, temperature readings, exact date and time, driver ID, truck ID, leak information, high and low level alarms are all sent instantly to the web to provide real-time data.

Transparency and Security – This information can increase automatic tank gauge security by providing the who, what, when, and where when valuable condensate, oil, and gasoline come up missing. We can even install security cameras to snap pictures or stream video straight to the web.

Eliminates safety risk – The driver doesn’t have to get close to the automatic tank gauge, climb on top of a tank etc. This nearly eliminates the possibility of a slip and fall accident as well as many other accidents that are possible while manually automatic tank gauge.

Gas One Propane Tank Gauge for LPG Capacity Adapter

Monitor Your Fuel Level Made of brass, the tank gauge for LPG offers an easy way to keep an eye on your fuel tank. You don’t have to be concerned about whether or not your gas will cut off in the middle of grilling, as our tank gauge for LPG will make it readable for you. With 3 modes, you’ll be able to see if your gas is full, low, or in need if a refill.

Universal fitting connection: Gas Ones propane tank gauge for LPG has a universal fitting (QCC-1) made for standardized 5 lbs. to 20 lbs. propane gas tanks, an easy to install connection for the purpose of reading an accurate propane level.

Solid brass connection – built with a solid brass construction to ensure a sturdy and durable connection, with sufficient heat resistance.

Easy hassle-free connection – ready to use right out the box, just simply attach Gas Ones propane tank gauge for LPG on to your standard propane tank and its ready for use

Easy to read, colored indicator – Gas Ones propane tank gauge for LPG has a meter that reacts to the pressure of the propane tank, there are three-built-in indicator levels labeled refill, low gas, gas to ensure an easy and accurate reading.

What are density meters used for?

A density meter, also known as densimeter or specific gravity meter, is an analytical instrument that uses the oscillation of a U-shaped hollow glass tube to measure the density of liquid samples quickly and automatically.

The measured density can then be automatically converted into other units and concentrations for specific applications, as specific gravity, API, alcohol%, Brix and many more. Choose your density meter from the lightest portable option to the most accurate benchtop model.

Need Level Gauges?

Magnetic float level gauges for an extensive range of applications in all industries.

Rugged metallic design, flaps housed in hermetically sealed glass tube (IP68).

Measuring distances up to 5.5 m / 18 ft (others on request).

Functions of an Automatic Tank Gauge

With over several years of global experience as the most installed automatic tank gauge in the industry, the automatic tank gauge provides users with a highly flexible design for meeting compliance and fuel management needs.

The automatic tank gauge is the most widely installed tank monitoring solution in the world. Designed for retail and commercial operations wanting the flexibility to choose compliance and fuel management features for their individual operation.

The automatic tank gauge offers the benefits of in-tank inventory, proven leak detection, complete compliance, and the ability to upgrade with additional connectivity for optimum flexibility – all with the reliability that only comes with more than a half million tank installations worldwide.

Techtrol Glass Type Level Gauges for Visual Level Indication of Liquids

Level gauges, also termed as level indicators are widely used in industry for visual level indication of liquids in process equipment like storage tanks or process vessels or drums.

Broadly, they are classified as Glass Type Level Gauges and Float Type Level Gauges. Being a mechanical instrument, they do not require electric supply for their operation.

In several applications, provision of direct reading level gauges is mandatory as statutory requirement.

Various types of glass gauges and float gauges are available, selection of gauge for particular application is based on operating conditions (max. pressure & temperature), process liquid, mounting position and measurement accuracy.

NEW Servo Gauge

We now have upgraded version of our field proven servo gauge which now can address even more applications in challenging process environment.

Servo gauge is designed for accurate and reliable measurement in liquid / vaporized liquid applications with extended level & temperature range. This embraces modular design offering utmost flexibility to choose options needed for your specific application. The advancements in software algorithms further enhance its performance by making it most accurate, reliable and versatile servo gauge in tank farms / terminals.

Servo gaugemulti-function device provides a flexible and adaptable solution for a wide range of measurements and interface options needed for safe and efficient terminal operations.

Technology Selection for Automatic Tank Gauge

The automatic tank gauge is a float actuated tape driven gauge and by means of a digital counter indicates float travel accurately to 1/16 inch.

This automatic tank gauge comes equipped with the modular cartridge kit. The kit consists of a spring motor drum, a power hub and a stainless steel constant power spring. Also included in the tank gauge is an accurately perforated stainless steel tape. Bearing loads are well distributed through Teflon bushings rotating on polished stainless steel shafts.

Local readout is by means of a digital counter featuring large black numerals on a white background. Remote reading is added by simply removing the counter housing cover, installing a 2’’ coupling and bolting a transmitter in place of the counter housing cover. Automatic tank gauge calibration is quick and easy. Loosen screws and swing open access plate; then simply rotate large inch wheel until counter wheels are set. This is the fastest and most positive calibration available on any float actuated counter type automatic tank gauge.

Choice of materials, rugged construction and counter housing sealed from automatic tank gauge head permits application of the gauging system to a wide variety of environmental conditions. An operational checker for manually jogging the tape to insure a “free movement” system is standard on automatic tank gauge head as well as provisions for optional high and low level limit switches. A hand crank for manually raising and lowering the float is also optional. Complete accessory kits are available for all standard and most special tank configurations and cover a broad selection of materials.