What’s the tank gauging system application?

We are a full-service provider of Inventory Loss Control solutions for Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks. This includes: Tank Gauging System(Product Quantity & Quality); Overfill & Rupture Protection; Leak Detection (Unauthorized Movement); Vapor Monitoring (Emissions, PRV, or Blanket Monitoring), Tank Bottom or Roof Movement Indication, etc. Redundant and Tridundant solutions.

We provide everything from Target Boards and Mechanical Gauges to the most advanced Tank Gauges on the market, MMP “Multi-Media Probe” and MTG “Multi-function Tank Gauge.”

MMP “Multi-Media Probe” comes in three configurations: AST “Aboveground Storage Tanks” is for Horizontal and Vertical cylinder tanks used for fueling systems and other products. UST “Underground Storage Tanks is for gasoline, diesel, and other products stored below ground. GAS is for LPG bullet tanks, i.e., higher pressure service. The MMP provides: Level, Multi-point Spot Temperature, and Interface (water) with options for secondary instruments to provide: Density, Mass, Vapor pressure, etc.

MTG is a family of products using various configurations, including: MOP “Multi-function Overfill Protection” (Overfill/Rupture Prevention).

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Global Tank Terminal Automation

Combining the latest technology available with proven design logic enables Tank Terminal Automation to provide the most advanced and adaptable terminal automation software solutions in the industry. TAS.net™, based on Microsoft’s® .Net™ framework for the web based world, is our premier tank terminal automation system.

Upgrade to a technology relevant system today and see for yourself what a difference a Tank Terminal Automation System can make for your operation. With superior core design and our commitment to the technological evolution of the system, it will be the last tank terminal automation system you will ever buy.

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What is tank gauging system?

The tank gauging system really takes tank gauging to another level, making you better equipped to handle the ever-increasing demands on efficiency, safety and accuracy. It is a complete and flexible tank gauging system, based on the open industry standard FOUNDATION™ fieldbus. The sytems can be used for refineries, tank terminals and in the petrochemical industry. It is the accurate system for custody transfer, process control, inventory control or for filling a tank without risk of overflow. The tank gauging system can be designed for SIL 3 safety. The system includes cost-effective alternatives for each performance class.

Tank gauging system offers a complete Instrumentation field service department with applications ranging from oil and gas production, chemical processing, pulp and paper processing, mining, construction, food and beverage manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, and power generation, mining, construction, food and beverage manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, and power generation.

Secure efficient operations, reduce risk and minimize measurement uncertainty with the scalable and open architecture tank gauging system. Get complete tank storage information in one fully integrated system.

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Tank Terminal Automation

Global solution for tank terminal automation

Tank terminal automation contains all organizational components which occur in a tank farm. This starts with inventory accounting and the administration of the tax book and ends with the automated loading process. All technical systems which are necessary and implemented for the administration and surveillance in the tank farm can be connected to tank terminal automation and it also visualizes the loading process on screen.

Detailed visualization

An embedded visualization provides all staff members an overview of the most important plant components. The user can obtain detailed information regarding the linked-up measurement technology as well as the sequence of processes at the loading platforms. All essential functions required for the maintenance of the loading operation may be retrieved by an integrated form. The user does not have to switch between different forms.

Authorized inventory management

The inventory management fulfills all requirements for a proper accounting. It has already been audited and approved by both customs and financial authorities of several countries. An easy handling and an intensive linkage of technical installations will allow the user to avoid manual entries and therefore reduce sources of error. Corrections can be conducted very easily. The web interface allows partners and customers to retrieve and update further information.

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