About Tank Gauging System

Improve Terminal Operations with High Performance Bulk Liquid Measurements

Reduce uncertainty in oil inventory and transfers:

• Receive real-time tank data for accurate net volume calculations.
• Get certified custody transfer accuracy.
• Utilize tank capacity efficiently.

Improve safety:

• Comply with overfill prevention standards such as API 2350.
• Use SIL 2 and SIL 3 certified devices.

Simplify installation and terminal operations:

• Benefit from unique 2-in-1 technology.
• Simplify automation and expansion with Smart Wireless.
• Use gauge emulation to replace old mechanical gauges.

How the tank gauging system works

The tank gauging system monitors inventory, so you know the exact amount of stored products. The tank gauging system measures precise batches and custody transfers between ship and shore as well as in pipeline transmissions. Use the tank gauging system for everyday operations, oil movement, scheduling purposes and blending programs. Keep accurate track of leaks and prevent overfills to reduce environmental impact and the financial consequences of oil losses.

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What Is The Servo Tank Gauge

The servo tank gauge is equipped with a patented Servo Auto Test feature that increases its safety integrity as well as diagnostic coverage, allowing it to be used in overfill protection loops to prevent spillage. The servo tank gauge has a Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of more than 90% which allows it to be used in SIL-2 safety loops.

If used in a redundant configuration, the servo tank gauge can also be used in SIL-3 rated loops. With these diagnostics, the safety proof-test interval can be extended to 5 years, significantly bringing down the operational cost compared to other solutions that require a proof test to be carried out every year. A highly accurate and advanced force transducer, microprocessor control and advanced software give users precise, reliable measurement and control.

Installation is easy. Almost any nozzle 2” and up can be used, even with the tank being in service. To simplify startup, calibration and servicing, the portable tool can be used to bypass the central system.

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Solutions for Tank Terminal Automation

Offerings for Storage Tank Terminal Automation / Receipt Depots and LNG Terminals

Tank Terminal Automation for Tank Truck filling, Wagon loading, Ship Transfer and LNG

  • Process Control and Safety PLC System
  • Loading Automation
  • Tank Farm Management System
  • ERP Integration
  • Business Intelligence Solution
  • Mobility Management Solution

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Raptor Tank Gauging System

The tank gauging system really takes tank gauging to another level, making you better equipped to handle the ever-increasing demands on efficiency, safety and accuracy. It is a complete and flexible tank gauging system, based on the open industry standard FOUNDATION™ fieldbus.

The tank gauging system can be used for refineries, tank terminals and in the petrochemical industry. It is the accurate tank gauging system for custody transfer, process control, inventory control or for filling a tank without risk of overflow. The tank gauging system can be designed for SIL 3 safety. The tank gauging system includes cost-effective alternatives for each performance class.

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