The quick and precise density meter for busy labs and factories

Having an accurate density meter that produces reliable results is only part of the equation. Your instrumentation also needs to be simple to use, easy to clean and offer superior traceability.

Density Meters use proven touchscreen interface. The graphic user interface (GUI) has been enabling users of touchscreen RFM refractometers and ADP polarimeters to quickly and easily take measurements, calibrate, and analyse data for many years. Users new to the system will appreciate the intuitive layout, and quick access to regularly used controls including “READ” and “METHODS”. To learn more about the benefits of touchscreen technology check out our blog here.

Density Meters not only sport a great touchscreen (usable with PPE gloves), but also fast networking abilities, USB functionality for optional mouse/keyboard support and exporting of data (via PDF/.CSV) to USB drives. Large capacity memory means room for over 100,000 readings without the need to purchase costly storage.

To facilitate measurement, Density Meters utilise the oscillating u-tube principle. Using a secondary oscillator allows the instrument to monitor and adapt to long-term instrument drifts and environmental influences, meaning calibration can hold and be relevant for a long time. Results are displayed in less than 15 seconds, depending on the mode selected, whilst smart temperature stabilisation helps provide the most accurate results in super-fast time.

Density Meters have been designed with a variety of industries in mind. From edible oils and soft drinks in food & beverage, to raw materials testing in pharmaceutical.