Tank gauge for LPG LNG Solutions

Tank gauge for LPG LNG solutions Measuring and managing of LNG inventories is a sophisticated task. We offer the high quality instrumentation you need in combination with in-depth industry know how and engineering and maintenance services.

The challenge A typical tank gauge for LPG LNG works with a wide range of instruments to measure liquid level, liquid density, liquid and vapour temperature, liquid and vapour pressure, skin temperature and much more. Addionally you have to make sure that two layers of different densities are not rapidly mixing with the side effect of large amounts of gas being released, also known as rollover.

Our solution Our high accurate level gauges and instrumentation in addition with the inventory management system guarantee you highest transparency of inventories in the plant or headquarters. Keeping the constant temperature of the liquid gas, such as -200°C, also results in many technological challenges in handling cold temperatures. We offer a temperature monitoring system for the cooling down and the leak detection. In addition our LTD system monitors the level, temperature, density profiling and rollover prediction. That is not only important if you want to know what is happening in the tank gauge for LPG LNG, but also helps you to determine the next process actions.