Environmental Level Tank Gauging Systems and Applications

For reasons of accuracy, dependability and competitive pricing, tank gauging system uses LevelCom tank level indicators in its ballast tank gauging systems as well as supplying the equipment as stand alone monitors.

Featuring ‘Smart Bubbler Technology’, the tank gauging system combines microprocessor technology with the proven accuracy of a bubbler for sensing fluid depth. Whilst most competitors products can supply an analog signal for measurement, this is one of the only level sensing systems that communicates system status, provides control relays for other equipment, has alarm functions, analogue outputs, and Modbus or Profibus communication.

The Tank Level Indicators have a wide range of applications and better versatility than most other tank level gauging sensors. It is also accurate and reliable with problematic, corrosive, acid or foaming fluids, low viscosity fluids, suspended solids, variable specific gravity and temperature variations, as it is with standard liquids.