Grounding and Overfill Protection System

We have delivered reliable grounding and overfill monitors that prevent dangerous spills and accidents. From grounding and overfill protection systems and cane probes to rack monitors and heavy-duty plug/cord sets, our products offer reliable, enduring solutions for our client’s greatest challenges.

We offer a full line of grounding and overfill protection systems. Ideal for preventing costly spillage, rack monitors provide automatic warning of product overflow at predetermined levels. Rack monitors provide similar benefits, using a standard thermistor signal format to communicate with thermistor systems on transports or onboard control monitors.

Specially made to offer overfill detection in the absence of sensors within a railcar or tank, probes provide enhanced reliability regardless of variations related to the environment, product, or temperature conditions.

Plug and cord sets provide easy use and handling while offering enhanced corrosion resistance, safety, reliability, and long product-cycle life.