Servo Tank Gauge Displacer Type Level Indicator

A servo tank gauge with a displacer-type level indicator is a device used for accurate and continuous measurement of liquid levels within storage tanks, particularly in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, and other liquid storage facilities.

Here’s a breakdown of its components and how it works:

  1. Servo Tank Gauge (STG): The servo tank gauge system consists of several components, including a displacer-type level sensor, transmitter, controller, and display unit. It’s designed for precise measurement of liquid levels inside storage tanks.
  2. Displacer-Type Level Indicator: The displacer-type level indicator is a component that directly measures liquid levels. It typically involves a displacer—an object with a specific weight and buoyancy, usually made of a material like stainless steel—that is suspended from a wire in the tank. As the liquid level changes, the buoyant force acting on the displacer causes it to move up or down. This movement is used to determine the level of the liquid.
  3. Transmitter and Controller: The transmitter interprets the signals from the displacer and converts them into usable data. It then sends this information to the controller, which processes the data and provides accurate level measurements.
  4. Display Unit: The display unit shows the measured liquid level in the tank in various units (such as inches, centimeters, or as a percentage of tank capacity) for easy monitoring by operators or control systems.

How it Works:

  • The displacer is immersed in the liquid within the tank. It floats according to the liquid level changes, supported by the buoyant force exerted on it.
  • As the displacer moves, it causes changes in the tension of the wire or cable supporting it.
  • These changes in tension are measured and converted into signals by the transmitter.
  • The controller interprets these signals and calculates the accurate liquid level inside the tank.
  • The measured level data is then displayed on the unit, providing real-time information about the tank’s contents.

Servo tank gauge systems with displacer-type level indicators offer high precision and reliability in measuring liquid levels, making them essential for industries where accurate inventory management and safety are paramount. They provide continuous monitoring, allowing operators to track inventory, prevent overfilling or underfilling, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.